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The Seychelles promise adventure and breathtaking natural beauty in pristine surrounds still virtually untouched by man. The Seychelles consists of 115 islands that lie just South of the Equator and East of Kenya and they stretch like an array of jewels in the Indian Ocean. Representing an archipelago of legendary beauty

These beautiful islands are one of the World's most romantic destinations. They cast a siren-like spell over everyone who experiences its crystalline turquoise sea washing the pristine coral reefs and the powdery beaches that encircle the vast granite pinnacles which emerge from the verdant green rainforest.  The granitic islands of the Seychelles archipelago cluster around the main island of Mahé, and its satellites Praslin and La Digue. Together, these Islands form the cultural and economic hub of The Seychelles  and contain the majority of the tourism facilities as well as its most stunning beaches.

The Seychelles boast two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Aldabra, the world's largest raised coral atoll and home to 150,000 giant tortoises and a plethora of distinct flora and fauna; and, Vallée-de-Mai on Praslin Island, the only place on earth to find the fabled Coco-de-Mer (world's heaviest seed), and the rare Black Parrot.

Some of the activities available on the islands include: bird watching, snorkeling, scuba diving, nature walks, mountain biking, windsurfing, sea kayaking, fly-fishing, sailing the most beautiful archipelago on earth, romancing the isles, fishing or diving to mention but a few.. Whether you are looking for a choice of activities or simply wish to relax at a Seychelles beach resort, this is the ideal year-round destination

With so much diversity, we introduce you to the islands in a logical way.  You will be thrilled by the island hoping experience, from the primordial forests, excusite beaches, secluded island getaways, and the general island style way of life.

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