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Eunisa bright Star school scholarship programme
Eunisa Holidays Ltd we believe in the joy of giving.  We do appreciate our less fortunate  members of our society and our main goal is to extend a fishing rod rather than provide fish for a day (metaphor) to these members of the society.  The beaming smiles on their faces amidst all the adversity is just priceless.

We have embarked on school sponsorship programme for some desperately needy cases.  We continue to cheer on our own Paul Loitais from Samburu.  He will be sitting for his high school exams next year!   He was our pioneer student to enroll in this programme. We wish Paul – our Moran (Samburu worrier) all the very best.

Eunisa outreach missions
Medical camps in the rural areas:
This has been one of our very humbling as well as rewarding experiences.  We mingle and get to learn loads from our rural folks.  Since people perish for lack of  knowledge we take it upon ourselves to educate them on nutrition, communicable diseases and how to take care of their general health as their main investment to enable them carry out their day to day activities.  “Health is wealth”  
This seems to be mutating to youth mentorship programmes and we are all excited to be part of the roll out.

Tree planting programmes:
We all love the green scenery any opportunity to plant them trees we bring along our ‘dot the World green spirit’ along.

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